this weekend i…

Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.

This Weekend I… started by getting up early to take Our Sidekick to church to meet some friends who were going up to Soul Survivor for a day trip. I’m presuming he had fun as he arrived home about midnight and put himself to bed with no requests from me.

This Weekend I… walked into town with Chris, we went for a wander round some of the shops and Chris got to show off a shop that he found that has cheap (but nice) yarn. We then headed along the High Street for the High Street Showcase – it was really good but I think by having some of the stalls along Mill Street they kind of missed out with some of the foot fall that the rest of the High Street got.

This Weekend I/We… wandered back to church from town and happened to bump into our friend, we stopped and had a drink while chatting about anything and everything. I left Chris with our friend and walked back to church for the car as I needed to go to the Oldies Home.

This Weekend I… went to the Oldie’s Home to serve lunch, it was my last Saturday, as I work all week and Chris can sometimes get Saturdays off work it makes sense to try and hang out all together when we can (just like now we’re watching Failure to Launch as a family!).

This Weekend I/We… went to our Next Door Neighbour’s house for a BBQ – it was really lovely, it was mainly family but they’d also invited us, the family on the other side of our house and the family who live next door to them. In fact all the neighbours ended up hanging around the same table which was quite cool, we got to have proper conversations with the people that we normally kind of say hello to in the street or swap parcels when each other are out and things like that.

This Weekend I… went to the cinema with S, we hadn’t seen each other in a while and it was quite good to have a girlie evening. We went to see The World’s End (the new Simon Pegg and Nick Frost film). It was good and enjoyable but I don’t think they were on top form – I think they have done better. What do you think? Following the cinema I came home and tidied up the kitchen and got on with my chores that I should have done earlier in the day.

This Weekend I… went to church, originally Chris was going to play taxi to four people but in the end it was just two so Our Sidekick and I ended up going in the car. It was a really good service and there was lots of pray for parents and for children. When they gave out the request to bring children forward Our Sidekick had disappeared to the loo, I went to find him then half dragged him to the front as he missed what was going on but when we got to the front it did make sense! Following church we went to have dinner with our friends which was good to hang out with them.

This Weekend I… came home following church and worked my way through all the recorded TV that I had (most was repeats!) also watched some movies. In the end I watched CSI, Letters to Juliet, Failure to Launch and The Love Bug. It’s strange how people keep appearing in different shows. Brick from Hart of Dixie appeared in CSI as a baddie – in the same episode one of the squints from Bones appears as a sidekick of the baddie. I was watching 500 Days of Summer the other night and Tom (played by Joseph Gordon Levitt) has two friends – one also plays an assistant in Body of Proof and the other one is in Criminal Minds – soon adds up that my brain is a bit mushie lol.

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