this weekend i…

Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.
This Weekend I… went to a yarn and fabric sale at Christchurch. Monster Yarns were there (yes, they are my favourite yarn people ever! and so passionate and excited about it rather than making me feel like a complete nuisance when I ask stupid questions!)

This Weekend I… following the news that Our Sidekick’s mum was taken into hospital, in the slot where Our Sidekick normally goes for contact, I took him to the hospital to see her. She was still sedated but it was good that Our Sidekick got to see her for a little while.

This Weekend I…. then dropped Our Sidekick off at his friend’s house for a sleepover. There was a change of plans so they didn’t do part of what was planned but I’m sure he still had fun. I headed back to my Mum’s house to do a bunch of stuff for her while she’s in New Zealand with Kathy.

This Weekend I…. went home and washed my hair and then Chris and I went over to MK to Ikea and then to Red Hot Buffet. While in Ikea I received Call No 1 from my Mum. Thankfully Ikea have joined a lot of other stores and now offer Free Wifi to their customers (this is really good seeing how there’s a signal black spot in the middle of the store!). At Red Hot, I had chicken korma and egg friend rice. I had some sweet and sour pork but decided that a plate and a half was enough for me as it would undo any of the good that I’ve managed to do in the last couple of weeks. Given how crazy the last few days have been I pretty much went straight to bed when I got home.

This Weekend I… got up and collected our friend and her friend on the way to church – I even remembered to take my bible so that I could use that instead of my phone! The idea being I’d listen better…….

This Weekend I… almost went to lunch with my friend as it was his birthday yesterday. That was until it turned out that Our Sidekick hadn’t followed the instructions I’d given him, our friend’s daughter needed to go back to a&e and I ended up playing taxi lots.

This Weekend I… sat in a&e with our friend and her little girl. Worked out that if I held her with her head on my right arm, her left arm tucked under my arm, and then my left arm over her legs and my hand under her back/side then I could rock her and dance around the paediatric cubicle. When we got moved to the children’s ward (don’t get me started on that one!), the dancing carried on and I nattered away about the cartoon character pictures that are hanging from the ceiling. It seemed to keep her calm especially as the doctors took ages to see her.

This Weekend I… went to Dad’s to collect Our Sidekick, I ended up staying and we watched Hook and then a bunch of TV that Mum has on Series Link for me. I love Hook – never realised until my Brother pointed it out but young Wendy is played by Gwyneth Paltrow!


This Weekend I… had two(!) Skype calls with my mum – the first was intentionally to me, the second was to my Dad and then Our Sidekick and I abducted his laptop to chat to Mum too! On Saturday Mum and Kathy had been to the Gala Night at the Symposium that they are at in New Zealand. I’m loving Kathy’s mask and Mum’s fascinator – you can read Kathy’s post by clicking on the picture below).

Mum and Kathy

This Weekend I…. came home and tried to relax for what remained of the weekend – I’m sure it was pretty much impossible but I tried! Also finished watched Season 3 of Rizzoli and Isles.


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      Hello Becca!

      Thank you for the comment. You see the problem with one in, one out is that you end up needed 5 balls for a project for example but don’t necessarily have 5 to get rid of – probably explains my dilemma!!

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