this weekend i…#twi

Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.

Bowling for "family" time. Clearly this doesn't show you quite how blue to laces are under the black light

This weekend I/we…started by going bowling. Quite a lot had happened in the past week that meant although we’d seen each other we hadn’t really had time together just to hang out. By Friday I just wanted to curl up and chill out, mainly to read my book (From Notting Hill With Love Actually by Ali McNamara). At first I didn’t want to go and although bowling isn’t the first thing I’d pick to do I don’t think the boys quite expected it to go the way it did. I won two of the three games which was slightly mad! I also seem to have a debate over which ball I need to use. I usually go for an 8 or 10 with Medium holes. I ended up using one with small holes and by the end of the game I’d broken my thumb nail about 3 times so I had to cut it down completely when I got home and I’d trapped my thumb between the cover and the internal bit of the ball so it was really sore.

Bowling Scores

This weekend I… started Saturday really lazy, I’m sure I should have got up and been more productive but the craziness of the week had caught up with me and I just wanted to chill out. Chris dropped me off at the Old Folks Home that I help at on a Saturday. My Oldies (as I refer to them lol) were back to normal and were their chatty selves again unlike last week when they were really quiet. While I was clearing up, a daughter of one of the residents came in to let me know that one of the resident’s would be 93 on Sunday – that’s seriously exciting! I couldn’t even believe that the resident was 93 – they don’t look it!

This weekend I… caught the bus into town to meet with Meetali. We were meeting for a coffee and to discuss blogs – we seem to have inspiration at like 10am while working then say “Hold that thought we’ll talk at lunch” and by the time lunch rolls round we get distracted by other things and don’t come back to that particular thread of thought. Meeting for a coffee outside of work seemed like a good way to make sure we were discussing blogs (and not on work time lol). While we were chatting and working away, one of the guys who was getting baptised on Sunday came over and chatted to us about the baptism and how excited he was about it all. He also invited Meetali which was quite funny given the fact that they literally just met.

This Weekend I… watched the final of The Voice. Between the coffee and getting home we popped to my parents to collect Our Sidekick who had been hanging out there, we then came home and chilled in front of the TV. My favourite to win was Matt. Leah was an amazing singer but really not my cup of tea – if I had her album and there was scary whistle register high note like in Minnie Riperton’s Loving You in every song I’d have to switch it off. The notes are impressive and anyone who can get that high and sound good (And not look in pain!) has my respect – I used to be able to get to a B (not the first one above middle C but the next one up – apparently that’s B5 or something like that) but now I think the highest is a G5 or an A5 with some encouragement.

This Weekend I…. got my butt in gear and sorted out those buttons on the sidebar. Also updated the Google+ page for this blog (yeah go over there and +1 because I know you’re lovely people!). I also updated some of the links back here from other places.

This Weekend I… had a crazy Sunday. We had normal church in the morning but had to play taxi before church so ended up going via two places to get different people. Every time someone mentioned the baptisms that were happening in the afternoon we cheered as loud as we could – it was getting a bit silly but was really good fun all the same. After church I dashed off to a rehearsal as our performance of Dr. Watson’s Elementary School is on Saturday. We had a rehearsal for four hours and then via some other places I headed back to church ready for the baptisms.

This Weekend I… was very blessed to be asked by my friend K to be part of the actual baptising bit of her baptism and also to sing with her as part of her testimony. I was stupidly excited as I’d never baptised anyone before – I guess I’ve probably seen about 20-30 baptisms and so it wasn’t like I didn’t know what happened but it was still very exciting. My parents and my Grandad surprised me by coming to the baptisms.