DAY 7: Three Minutes

Ok so I have three minutes to cram a high speed post in before the end of my lunch break! Today I am in a bit of a huffy mood because CJ keeps procratinating rather than getting on with his dissertation – it’s 13 days to the deadline and he has like 5000 words to go! I know that doesn’t sound so bad but ideally it should have been finished and be looking at binding now.


  1. Elle says:

    I finished my dissertation last minute (well, with a day to spare). I can recall editing the conclusion on the train to Edinburgh (I was off to meet my friend), then the next day we had to wait around to print it off and take it to the binders … my printer broke during printing it – nightmare!!

    • God's Rock Angel says:

      What was your dissertation on? Mine was “Should Shakespeare still be taught in schools” – I got a 52% – thats rubbish lol! i think my presentation was better though lol.

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