DAY 6: Video Blogging and Stuff

So apparently there is thing called BEDA or something like that which is about vlogging everyday. It was set up by Maureen Johnson who is an author and a blogger – you can find her blog here. Now I really want to get into video blogging as I love films etc – so why not start with something small and go from there. I keep trying to do them but then ramble on and make no sense. I guess if I want to get out there I need to blog more interesting videos lol. At the moment the ones I’ve done are posted on my Channel on YouTube which can be found here. There’s like 10 videos that I’ve randomly posted but no matter how much I try they don’t seem to be getting any better – Any ideas on how I could make them better?

I love the FiveAwesomeGirls Channel on YouTube – I love their channel. The idea is that each of them have a set day that they post on (so Kristina posts on Monday, Lauren posts on Tuesday, followed by Kayley on Wednesday, Hayley on Thursday and Liane on Friday. Sometimes over the weekend there are extra posts too. I love their like title sequence that goes at the beginning of their posts. I would like something similar – obviously my own thing rather than exactly the same because that would actually be rather weird. I want to get on vlog now but CJ is in the process of interviewing people on Second Life for his dissertation – yes that lovely essay that eats up half of your third year of university.

Anyway I am going to delete my spam comments and go watch some more random videos on YouTube.
Anyhoo I will try and post some new stuff by the end of the week.

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