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Things I'm Grateful For

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I’m actually going to keep up and post this on Friday – believe it or not!

Friends this week started off with the mother of all Monday Blues. I just felt like the wind had been kicked out of my sails and for a chunk of the day didn’t really know what to do with myself. I tinkered with my friend’s website as it wasn’t rocket science and the particular bit I was on didn’t need a ton of brain power. I posted on FB how I felt and got a few comments back. A friend of mine in the US saw my status and wrote a comment to the effect of “see how you do tomorrow and if you still feel rubbish go to your doc”. It was only when I went to read about Post Natal Depression (PND) did I clock that although it usually comes on within the first six weeks following the baby’s birth it can take up until six months to properly surface. The fact that at least one friend said something along those lines I’m grateful that I’m not alone and that even from the other side of the Atlantic someone is watching out for me. (I felt a heap better on Tuesday and wondered if it was just Monday Blues. I am going to keep an eye on my moods and get Chris to keep an eye too).

Pottering around On Tuesday, Jaxon and I delivered some leaflets for church. It was good to be out in the open even thought the temperature has dropped and it’s been colder the last couple of days. Yesterday I pottered round town before and after a coffee date with Rachel 1. After that I ended up having lunch with Rachel 2 and her gorgeous little boy who is super cute and has a crazy Afro like Our Sidekick. Today I hope to go for more of a potter especially after last night’s dinner!

Unexpected Dinner Invites
So you have it in American shows and films where someone gets adopted by a family for Thanksgiving dinner rather than them be on their own. Well that was us last night. I think “Our First Thanksgiving” might need its own post at the beginning of next week otherwise this will be an essay while I gush about the food.

Our Sidekick
He’s a sweetie. I had a headache yesterday and probably should have given up and attempted to nap when Jaxon decided to give up but I didn’t and my headache was getting worse. I fed and changed Jaxon then asked Our Sidekick if he could look after him for me, I’d only be in the shower so if something happened he could knock on the door and I’d get out asap. Well they had a lovely time. Jaxon was curled up on a blanket on Our Sidekick’s floor like he does on the living room floor and Our Sidekick packed his papers for his paper round. It meant that I got a proper shower and the hot water helped to release the tension in my neck and then my head.

Coffee and Lunch Dates
I’d read about how sometimes being a new mum can be a little bit lonely but it’s only know that I am a newish Mum that I’ve kind of got it more. Some days I do feel lonely and spend a chunk of time on my own. Other days like yesterday I bounced from a coffee date to a lunch date to a quick chat to a dinner. Today will be boring in comparison! It might be something little but just having sandwiches made for me and then someone to hold Jaxon while I ate my lunch just made so much of a difference. It doesn’t cost much just the bread, a filling and maybe some nibbles to go with (we had halved cherry tomatoes, grapes and egg muffins) but it just made me feel more human and less lonely. It was lovely to hang out with Rachel 2 and her little boy (he’s about 13 months older than Jaxon).

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