TIGF: Things I’m Grateful For

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Each Friday I join with Ashley from Hello Nature and Laura from Ginger + Co to share the things I’m grateful for this week.

Uncle S
The ever so lovely Uncle S offered to babysit this week even though there was no Marriage Course as it’s half term. We were able to go out for dinner at That’s Amore which is a local Italian Restaurant in town. Uncle S was so amazing, Jaxon was taken poorly as I wrote about yesterday, Uncle S texted me, to let me know what was happening and I said that we were almost finished and that we’d come home, he said not to worry that they were okay but then about 5-10 minutes later he said that Jaxon had been sick again. We got home and Uncle S carried on looking after Jaxon while we got packed in case we were about to be admitted overnight again. Yesterday morning he texted me again to see how Jaxon was doing – I know one text message isn’t a lot but the fact that he took the time between appointments at his job means a lot.

A friend of mine has three grown up kids – her eldest is the same age as my cousin Vicky. She commented on one of my pictures from Wednesday/Thursday saying that if I needed any shopping etc. just to let her know and she’d pop out for me then drop it off. I said that I thought were okay and didn’t need any shopping. Then another comment popped up: “Even if you want me to sit with Jaxon if you need some me time or to have a bath – I know how exhausting being in hospital can be !!!”. Okay needed to scrap my heart off the floor. Having not slept entirely great all week everything is putting me on the edge of tears lol. This made me nearly start happy tears!

The Matron and Our Student Nurses
When Jaxon was poorly and we had to go into hospital, we were really blessed that the same Matron was on both times and we had lovely student nurses both times, our local hospital is a training hospital and I am all for students using me as practice – I had student Midwifes when Jaxon was born and we had student nurses this time too. They all need to learn and as long as they are willing to ask questions and ask for help then I have no problem.

Again family gets a thank you. I rang Mum on Wednesday to tell her what was happening and started the call with “Hi Mum. It’s me” and she responded with “I know that” or something like that which made me laugh and broke the tension. We then chatted through what was happening and what she would do and things like that. We then talked about collecting Our Sidekick today if we got admitted. In the end we were discharged but Chris had taken the car with him and I was reluctant to take Jaxon out unless I needed to.

Medical Assistance
I know that everyone has their own experiences of the NHS and sometimes they are not good but in the all the times we’ve been while I was pregnant and since Jaxon has been born, we’ve always been looked after and have things to be grateful for. We’ve been blessed with lovely staff who have answered any questions that we’ve had, if they’ve been students they’ve always been and asked questions to make sure they are doing the right thing. We are blessed to have a health system like we do.

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