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Over on Facebook I’m part of a blogging group. On the Wednesdays of each month we have a group prompt that we’re all going to answer. This weeks’ prompt is…

Your Morning Routine

We don’t really have a set morning routine but when we do have one it sort of goes along the lines of this.

I sleep until Jaxon wakes me, this usually is any time between 7:30 and 9 – it has been as late as 10 sometimes. Sometimes I even wake before him – on those occasions I try to be productive but most of the time I just chill in bed before getting up!

We might have a feed of milk first thing just to get ready to the idea of getting up and making a start on the day. I’ll change Jaxon and get him dressed, he then plays in the middle of my bed while I get dressed.

Jaxon after Breakfast

We have breakfast in the kitchen, Jaxon sits in his high chair and we have the radio on – usually playing UCB UK. We usually catch the end of the Breakfast Show.

Breakfast is currently some form of porridge for Jaxon. He’s on Apple and Blueberry I think at the moment but he’s not a fan of it some mornings – maybe we should go back to the banana instead.

After he’s had his breakfast (or during depending on how stubborn he’s being it could be during!) I have my breakfast usually while checking Facebook and Twitter. I tend to have supermarket own brand Shreddies along with semi skimmed milk, if I’m being sensible then I’ll weigh both so that they fit in with the Healthy Extras on Slimming World.

From here we then start our day properly. 

Some mornings I am really unorganised and Jaxon ends up having some kind of breakfast while we’re out and about, I guess once he’s on proper food it might be fractionally easier to do breakfast on the go but for now we make it work. I try to get up over an hour before we need to be anywhere but some mornings it just doesn’t happen and we end up charging out the door – I think once he’s in the next car seat instead of the one he’s currently in then it’ll take a few minutes less to get him into the car and get on the road which in turn should make everything just a little less stressful!

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