TIGF: Things I’m Grateful For

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Each Friday I join with Ashley from Hello Nature and Laura from Ginger + Co to share the things I’m grateful for this week.

Last Friday was horrible. I’d not felt right when I woke up to feed Jaxon but figured that I’d just got too hot in bed and that I’d be okay in the morning but I woke up at 4am and the tummy bug went to town on my body.I made a charge for the bathroom but didn’t make it in time. I am pretty sure that Chris thought either the bed was on fire or something was seriously wrong with Jaxon because of the speed that I got out of bed! I would get up for a bit then go back to bed. Thankfully Chris was on it, around 8am he phoned into work and played nurse maid to me while looking after Jaxon. He took Jaxon downstairs so I could sleep and it was the best sleep I’ve had in ages! I think I caught up. By late afternoon, Our Sidekick was feeling ill too so Chris looked after him as well. What a superstar, I am so grateful that he looked after Jaxon so that I could fight the bug – I don’t think thank you shows my gratitude enough!

E This weekend we have a ladies meal and I know that E has been working like a trooper to make sure that everyone’s food is ordered correctly, that everyone has a little present or card of encouragement and somehow she wil have done that all around her day job. She’s just fab! 

My Parents(again!)
This week we’ve had social work meetings for Our Sidekick amongst other bits and my parents have helped again by having Jaxon if needed. Uncle S was unable to have Jaxon this week when the Marriage Course was on so they were able to have Jaxon and Our Sidekick then. My Dad even had Jaxon today so that I could get some work bits done.