TIGF: Things I’m Grateful For

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Uncle S Uncle S babysat again so that we could go to this week’s Marriage Course session. Just one more to go then Wednesdays go back to normal.

Parents Yes they get a mention every week okay? Mum babysat Jaxon on Monday so that I could help Chris (see below). They also took OurSidekick to his Trampolining club so that he didn’t miss it. When they got back and we were about to head home my Dad offered three or four times if I wanted a lift home if I was feeling really bad. 

Our Sidekick On Monday Chris ran a team building evening for his current staff and new staff. I cooked dinner for everyone and part way through the evening I started to get a headache. By the time I collected the boys from Mum and Dad’s, my head was absolutely banging. Our Sidekick was amazing though. He took Jaxon upstairs so I could get him settled for bed then he went back out to the car and unloaded everything in the house from the car that needed to go in. 

Chris For wanting to work on our marriage and make it stronger. Marriage Course isn’t about fixing it because it’s broken it’s about going from strength to strength to make it the best we can make it. 

Mum It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday so my Mum gets a bonus one. She’s amazing. Even when she’s busy she’ll make time if I need her help whether it’s me personally or looking after Jaxon. She spent chunks of her free time helping me on a project this last week and the finishing line is in sight. She’s my “help desk” with all things self employed ness. I love you Mum. 

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