TIGF: Things I’m Grateful For

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Each Friday I join with Ashley from Hello Nature and Laura from Ginger + Co to share the things I’m grateful for this week.

Unless Chris has to leave really early or Jaxon is still asleep, he’ll often get Jaxon up for me, change his nappy and bring him to me for a “wake up” feed. When Chris got to him this morning Jaxon was practicing his standing up in the cot and was wide awake – didn’t cry one bit.

Yesterday, Chris had to start work extra early so he was already gone by the time we woke up. This meant that he finished work early, after I’d been to learn about cloth nappies and got back to Mum’s house, Chris was sat in the living room chatting to my Mum, he’d come to surprise me by collecting Jaxon so that I could get work done the rest of the afternoon. It was a lovely thought. 

Mum and Dad
My Mum has been amazing. Our internet is currently out at home and I need it to be able to work. My Mum came and collected Jaxon and I yesterday morning so that I could work at her house. 

Today she made me lunch as well as coming to check on me and ask if I’d like drinks. She brought me back a bottle of Diet Coke from the shop when she went to the Post Office.

My Dad spent a large chunk of today looking after Jaxon so I could get work done which I’m really grateful for. 

Time with Friends
I managed to grab coffee with one friend and her daughter on Monday and then Monday lunch went out with another friend. Two friends Hannah and Becca have both started blogging last/this week so I’ve been able to help them – it seems a silly thing to be grateful for but it’s meant that we can chat for longer periods of time. Today included an actual 10 minute phone call to describe what I meant as a typed message was taking too long! 

Online Friendships
I hate saying “in real life” because it’s all in real life. I’m blessed with a lovely bunch of friends that without blogging or social media I wouldn’t have met. The group from Let Your Blog Shine and our smaller little tribe are amazing, if I have a blogging question I can jump on there spout it out and if it makes sense someone will come back with an answer and if it doesn’t make sense we work on clarifying and then fixing. So blessed! 

On Monday, it’s my 29th Birthday. this means firstly presents are arriving and secondly I need to get a shimmy on with my pre-30 list. I think I repost and update is calling. Today this one arrived…. It’s sort of squishy but other than that I have no idea what it is and there’s no return address so for now I don’t know who it is from. My first present was from my lovely friend Judit (from Monster Yarns). I was given it at knitting group last night, there’s like 8-10 balls of baby yarn and a pattern book from Katia. Better pick a project and pronto! (And complete it!)

Birthday Present Number 2


  1. Hannah S (Thelittlegoldendaffodil) says:

    TIGF: YOU! Thank you for the hours of chatting and support you have given me. I hope I’m not making you pull your hair out. I’m frustrating myself at times because my head just doesnt always go into the gear I want (I think the problem is a faulty clutch – that’s probably quite a good analogy actually lol). Are you doing anything for your birthday? Maybe do one of the pre-30 list things? lol. As for your pressie – NO PICKING AT IT! lol. It’s strange how there’s no return address on it. Maybe Jaxon has not got the hang of the postal service yet 😉 hehehe. I hope your internet gets sorted soon. Love and hugs. Han.xx

    • Hannah says:

      You’re welcome lovely. There’s so much bad stuff going on in the world that we have to stick together and share the knowledge. Having looked back over my list I have already started some of them and might have completed some others so will have a look and see what ones I can do. Good idea! I’ve been very good so far and not picked or poked at the present but it is calling my name lol.

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