Today, Call Me Meanie Mummy

Today, just call me Meanie Mummy.

This morning we went to the NCT Nearly New Sale organised by our local NCT group.

Mum and I have been to nearly everyone since before Jaxon was born. Usually getting the next age bracket or other bits. Today we were on trousers, shorts and a ride on toy. We were also looking for more track for Jaxon’s train set that lives at Grandma’s house.

We looked at a tricycle that we thought about getting for Grandma’s house. My Dad (Grandpa) has been working on fixing up the garden so that it’s more Jaxon-proof, so toys for the garden were on the shopping list.

Jaxon spotted a toy that he wanted. It’s a Thomas Twisting Tower or something like that. While we were there I didn’t want to get it because I didn’t think we had enough room but having looked at pictures since we got home I’ve realised it’s might have been missing parts.

I’d picked it up and thought that maybe we would get it. We carried on looking at the clothes and then went to look to see if there were some wellies. While Mum walked with Jaxon to the shoes section I nipped back to the toys and put the Thomas toy back. I wasn’t convinced we needed it and I also wasn’t convinced where we would store it. I said to Mum that I thought he would forget about it once we got home and would go back to his wooden train set. So meany mummy that I am, I snuck the Thomas Twisty Tower back to the toy section.

We got in the car and my mum commented how quickly I must have moved to get the toy back while Jaxon was doing something else. I then said to my mum I’m sure she must have done something similar to my brother and I when we were younger. To which she smiled and agreed.

All the way home Jaxon kept saying “toy”. Oh boy, way to rub it in little boy.

I get it, it’s one toy why is it bugging me so much. Why am I sat on my sofa tapping this out? Well, to be honest, I’m not quite sure. I think it’s processing it all. I keep getting in a bit of a rut as far as blogging and think I just need to get writing again. Stop flapping and write.