Top Comment Peeps

So I installed a plug-in earlier to look at some stats here on my blog. I then managed to find out the top comment peeps on my blog.

The Top Three (who have blogs that I can link to – so send them love)  are:


Tough Girl Kat


Though actually because Tough Girl Kat commented under three different names – she is like the clear winner! (However there isn’t a prize – well unless a link to her blog counts as a prize?)

Shannon commented 38 times and Janette commented 20 times. Kat on the other hand commented a total of 48 times!!! Thats like 1 in 8 posts there is a Kat comment lol.

There also some other fab comment peeps these are: David, Elle, Ari, Diana, Evan, Cheyne, Judy’s Teapot, Sara, Perky, Caryn, Angelika and Robert aka “Bobberdilly” and thats just the ones that were listed.

Thank you all for your comments here.


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