Woah! Thats quite a few!

My Google ReaderWell as you can see I’ve not been reading very many blogs recently – or at least my Google Reader hasn’t been having a good enough work out!

This was after I’d deleted at least 100 posts already. I always feel rude deleting the posts because they are items that people have spent time over but seriously if I didn’t at least wipe a few I’d be snowed under lol.

However even when I do have this many posts there are always some blogs that I just have to read like Pipe Dreams and Professions,ย  Confessions of a CF Husband (Gwyneth is just super gorgeous!) andย  Life with my Special Ks.

It would be interesting to know how many people had me on their RSS Reader – I know of a few people but they are like my friends who I see lots anyway. It would be also good to know who reads. I don’t mind if you lurk and don’t comment but it’s nice to know that you are there sometimes.


  1. Robert Joy says:

    Dear Hannah
    I’m in Tucson Arizona as I type and I always go to the Motel lobby and check on my e-mail, My daughters blogs and Yours.
    Old guy in Kansas
    Robert Joy

    • God's Rock Angel says:

      I feel like I might miss important information but there is no way round it but to delete some days.

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