{Travel Thursday: No 18}

Travel Thursday

Your Favourite Flight or Airline

I’ve only been on 2 flights (technically 4 as we had a stopover on the way to Turkey and the way back from Turkey) they were both with the same airline so I guess my favourite would have to be Lufthansa for that fact along lol. Chris told me about how
great Kingfisher Airlines are – he flew with them to and from India so I kinda have his experience to compare against mine.

I had enough leg room – then again I’m only 5ft 2. On the way back there were spare seats so I was able to curl up across two seats and have a proper nap. I had something resembling Lasagne on the way which was okay, unfortunately it was like
a microwave meal but it had been overdone lol. I had a cheese roll on the way back that was really stale – the roll was like a brick, thankfully I wasn’t really hungry and managed to survive till I got home back to my Mum’s cooking lol.

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