{Travel Thursday: No 21}

Travel Thursday

The Most Dangerous Thing You Have Done While Travelling

It wasn’t really travelling but it was away from home so I guess that kinda counts – me and Chris had decided that we’d get up and go and see the sun rise – the weather report was that it would be clear and so we got up and drove through Hull and out to the seaside to watch the sunrise. Well we headed for the seaside and when we got there it was cloudy and you couldn’t see the sun rising. We parked the car anyway in the seaside car park and cut over the dunes onto the beach.

As we headed back to the car we walked round a sign which we figured was just information – we got round the other side of the sign and it was an MOD site and it had unexploded munitions under the sand or something like that – yay! You’d figure out that kind of stuff would have been fenced off but apparently not.

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