100 Word Challenge: Week 16

100 Word Challenge: Week 16

Clearly I really was having a bad week last week because I wrote the title as “100 Week Challenge: Week 15” which makes it sound like a huge challenge!

Anyway so back to earth with a bump and back to 100 words:


Burger!!! Week 16

(I’m sorry everyone I’m sticking to my usual genre! Tried detouring but it didn’t work!)

Mum had decided to go away for six weeks to discover herself so had moved out the flat. This meant that I was homeless, well to the degree that it was a sofa at my Aunt’s or a bed at Dad’s 30 miles away from Uni.

Well, here goes.

I arrived at Dad’s and let myself in with the key he’d given me.

“Hi Dad!”

“Hello! In the kitchen!”

I walked through the kitchen. Oh no, the smell hit me before I could see Dad, he’d clearly forgotten again that I’ve been vegetarian since he left, 5 years ago.


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