{Travel Thursday: No 7}

Travel Thursday

Your Most Emotional Travel Experience

Today is a short post – partly because I’m writing it at about 00:30 on Friday morning (Rather than Thursday) but also because to me it’s in the past. My most emotional travel experience was Barcelona. There were so many good memories and some not so good memories. I have a few stand out moments.

One involves this song:

The other was standing in this building:

Sagrada Familia

And my third was stood at the Olympic Stadium humming this to myself.


  1. Ian Braisby says:

    Love Barcelona. The Sagrada Familia is amazing isn’t it? I have some beautiful photos of sunlight coming through the stained glass windows there. It is a bizarre yet fascinating building, and will be great if they if they ever finish it!

    • Hannie says:

      It’s amazing. We walked in and looked up. It was phenomenal, unfortunately we didn’t really have the time to properly stop and take it in so I really hope to go back one day and spend as long as I can there.

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