NaBloPoMo: Day Three

Day 03 — Your favourite television program

This is going to be another long answer lol. I’ve found that I don’t get English comedy – I know it sounds really strange but I really don’t. I didn’t get The Office – my brother would tell me how hilarious it was but I didn’t get it (to be honest Ricky Gervais kinda annoys me!), 8 out of 10 Cats is just over my head, same with Have I Got News For You. Maybe I just prefer observational comedy such as Lee Evans (Excuse the bad language at the beginning this is one of my favourite clips of Lee), Eddie Izzard or Billy Connolly. Both of whom can have me in fits of laughter doubled over on the floor. On the other hand I really like American shows. Maybe my brain is wired wrong or something lol.

In my teens I started watching ER with my Mum and watched that pretty much till it finished a few years ago – however because the scheduling changed nearly every week I would sometimes miss episodes.

Now on a regular basis I watch Grey’s Anatomy, House M.D., Bones, Lie To Me, CSI (I used to watch all three strains but now I just stick with CSI: NY), NCIS (Just the original not NCIS: LA) and Private Practice. Yes I am a medical drama geek it seems.

I also love Doctor Who. I used to watch Torchwood but it was cancelled (or at least put back on the shelf for now). I’ve also taken to watching The Sarah Jane Adventures as it’s in a similar vein.

Me and Chris watch Grand Designs and Spooks nearly every week – or we store them up and then watch a couple in one go. We discuss nearly every week how we’d design our own house and what bits we’d have (Have I mentioned that I’d like a floor to ceiling library like the one in Beauty and The Beast? Chris on the other hand is Mr Minimalist)

Another weakness is Strictly Come Dancing/Dancing With The Stars (when I can get the right channels). LOVE IT! X Factor on the other hand is a huge fail – I watched it last week but only because people on Twitter were pointing out how bad the acts were. Come off it how did Wagner get through even when he’s supposedly singing his niche (opera) he’s still really out of tune.

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