Tuesday (BEDIA)

August 4th

Today didn’t go to plan. Jaxon went down for his nap around 10am and had this full two hours and yet did I achieve what I needed to do within that time…nope.

That’s why this post isn’t what was planned.

You see I was working on the stuff I get paid for first then working on the non-paid stuff.

Jaxon then wanted to explore every corner that he pretty much shouldn’t have been exploring. His new skill is to climb on my bag and then stand looking out of the window. (I think Our Sidekick has the photographic evidence of that one!)

On the other hand Jaxon is loving proper food rather than jarred baby food. So he had pasta for lunch yesterday and then again for tea today. I cooked a pizza last night so he could have that cold at lunchtime. That seems to be working so far but it feels like it’s not the right things to be feeding him and that I should still be feeding him some variation of baby food. He likes Shreddies as long as they aren’t in milk or at least he can leave them to dry a bit before eating them.

Mamma! I love pasta with tomato sauce and then format frais for pudding yummy!
Shreddies aren't so yummy...Rubbing his meals across his face is a regular occurrence. He then usually rubs whatever I don’t clear off his face arms or legs properly across my shirt. Today he had two full changes of clothes. Pyjamas to outfit one. Following breakfast he changed to outfit two and then after tea he changed back to his pyjamas. No wonder it feels like a never ending task with the watching.
Tomorrow is Chris’s birthday and he had the day off so Jaxon will well and truly be confused I think. I’ve managed to get enough done so that I can have the day off but Chris is off for breakfast with one of his friends so I reckon I might be able to squish in some blogging first thing if Jaxon will play by himself for a little bit.

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