LYBS: My Favorite Blogs to Read (BEDIA)

My Favourite Blogs to Read

I’m sure there are more than this but these are some of my favourite blogs to read

Let Your Blog Shine - August Prompts


Ashley writes Hello Nature and she’s so lovely! She set up LYBS and another group that I’m part of. She’s such an encouragement when it comes to blogging but she’s also an inspiring blogger too. I love reading her posts. She often shares recipes too. Her and Her husband run Gnarly Whale – they do some lovely soaps and lip balms that are vegan friendly. My favourite lip balm is the peanut butter and my favourite soap is Oatmeal Milk and Coconut (yes I went to check!). I’m not normally a fan of bar soap as I find it leaves my skin feeling all funny but I really do like the Gnarly Whale soaps so might have to order a couple in.

Faint Not Mom

 I “met” Joanna via The Peony Project on Facebook. Her husband, her and their three gorgeous boys are getting ready to follow God’s calling and move to France to be missionaries – how exciting is that! They aren’t sure where in France yet but know that God is calling them there. At one point her and her husband lived in Chorleywood, England so we bond over the English connection and our francophile ways lol. 

Adventurous Shelby

Another beauty I met thanks to the internet! Shelby lives in California although she’s a Texan girl at heart. Chris and I got married about a month and a half before Shelby and her husband got married so we bond over that fact as well as the fact that we are both Christians and Bloggers. She blogs about fashion which isn’t necessarily my cup of tea but it’s lovely to see what’s she’s excited about (like this week she’s posted about cowboy boots and different ways to wear them. I love cowboy boots although never found a pair comfortable enough)

The Little Golden Daffodil

Hannah is up next. Now I’ve known Hannah for 11 years now. In fact in September it’ll be exactly 11 years as we met on the bus on the way to our first day at University. I lived off campus and she was in the halls of residence on the campus nearest my parents house although all our classes would be at the other campus pretty much. I’d been hiding with my headphones on attempting to avoid anyone until I got to the class, I got off the bus and
This Charming Life by Kaelah Bee

Kaelah writes at This Charming Life. I’ve been following her blog for quite a few years and then for a little while I stopped reading. Not sure why though. Anyway I headed back over there and started reading again. Her birthday y “The Littlest Flynn” was born around the same time as Jaxon so we often compare notes. He’s just turned one too so plenty of cute baby pictures to look at over there too. 

Country Chic

Brittney is another blogger from the LYBS group. (She’s also the main admin person and she works super hard!). Britt also has a shop creating beautiful stationery called Yellow Umbrella. I could spend a small fortune in her shop as I love pen pal letters and pretty stationery lol. She blogs about all sorts including social media, small business and health.

Super Busy Mum

Debs is a lovely Irish blogger. She’s a mum of five and three of her kids live with her. She blogs about it all sorts but one of her current projects is a bit of a competition with her husband to be. The challenge is for her and her hubby to shed those extra pounds and look AHMAZING on their wedding day which is this time next year. Debs has been following Slimming World as well so we can compare notes.

Mrs Shilts a.k.a Emma is another Slimming World Blogger. So far she’s lost nearly five stone in a year! WOW!! She looks so good for it too. She blogs about her journey as well as family life and her adventures with her gorgeous little boy. He has the cutest curly blond hair. 

Mrs Bishop's Bakes and Banter

Mrs Bishop and I met via the Scone Roses WI group here in Bedford at that point in time she was President and expecting her little boy. Well her little boy is now almost two years old. She’s also blogging about her weight loss journey. She’s lost six and a half stone!! She’s now a size 12 and looks gorgeous! I love her blog especially all the goodies that she bakes and blogs about. 

 Living The Vida Holoka 
Jessica is another Blogger that I’ve met via the various groups I am part of. She’s a new one on the favourites list but I’m loving her blog already. She shares lots of yummy recipes. 

Super Busy Mum

Blog Every Day in August

Good Morning! It’s August and I’m joining a few of my blogger friends to blog every day this month, at least around here you’ll be able to find all my posts under BEDIA. Be sure to check out their blogs too.

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