twentyfour: that day thing

So just need to type these all up tomorrow. #ideas #work

Since going back to that day thing also known as work after Christmas, some days it has felt like I’m wading through treacle – I just about clear my to do list just to add another ten things to it.

I spoke to my manager the other week as a lot of stuff was getting to me and getting me down. We chatted and having chatted we’ve been able to fix some of the things which is good.

I work in Customer Service and most days I do like my job, and okay I’d rather start later so I could have lie in but it balances out. Most of the bad days don’t count against the good days but some time the bad days get me and get me really down.

But I’m doing okay this week. I still feel like the treacle is dragging me down but as long as I can clear the outstanding stuff by Friday then it’ll be all good.

How do you make sure you complete everything you’ve got to do today? How do you keep focused on the tasks that you’d find boring when you’d rather spend all day doing the tasks you find interesting? Is there one specific task that you’d give away to someone else so that you didn’t have to do it?

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