twentythree: found here and there

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I spent yesterday evening catching up on reading lots of blogs and sending out comments to various other people. So I’m here to share some links….

Melinda of Miss Geeky wrote about the preconceptions and the prejudice that surrounds being a girl geek. I wrote an epic comment on her post and it was almost a blog post on its own! You can read it here.

Megan from The Nerd Nest is hosting an awesome giveaway over on her blog. Amy from Lemon & Raspberry is giving away a copy of one of her One Year of Journaling courses to one lucky reader of the Nerd Nest!

So you’ll win one journaling prompt and example in your inbox every week for a whole year–and it starts the week after you sign up! Choose from two courses: One Year of Everyday, which prompts you to tell YOUR story of YOUR life, and Our First Year Together, which prompts you to tell your love story! You can find more information over on Megan’s Blog.

My friend who I taught to crochet a couple of weekends ago, posted on her Facebook at link to a blog called Little Red Welly. The post was of particular interest because it was about The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin – it’s clear I’m not the only one who found it really interesting. You can read the blog post here.

The lovely Em and Tim from Today’s Letters just had a major move and it’s so exciting sharing with them about their new adventures.

Every month Sarah at Yes and Yes publishes a post called the Network of Nice. I love being able to help as many people as I can. See if you can share the love too – you can find it here. (You can also find Sarah’s awesome e-book here).

When we were in London two weekends ago I found a graphic novel/comic book called Chloe Noonan: Monster Hunter. It’s awesome. If you like Pandora (from Kerrang! Magazines) and/or Scott Pilgrim you’ll love it. You can find more info about Chloe at and more info about Marc Ellerby (the artist) here.