twentyone: snow day!!!

Yesterday evening at about 8:30 after the United Church Service finished, Our Sidekick kept praying to God that there would be a snow day – every time someone mentioned school he was praying really hard that school would be cancelled for a snow day. Well at about 8:45 the school updated their website. The 21st January 2013 would be a snow day at his school.

Originally he was going to stay home at Chris didn’t have work – then between then and going to work this morning, Chris got a message saying that one of his volunteers couldn’t be there today as her kids schools were closed too.

I decided that Our Sidekick needed to go with one of us and given that work had been posted on the online school system and he still had his history project to work on that it made sense for him to come to work with me. Well he wasn’t a happy bunny but with a bit of encouragement with a bacon sandwich from the canteen when we got to work we set off for work.

Snow - 1

I snapped a couple of pictures outside of work, actually both these two came from one photo and yet they look so different. With Our Sidekick with me at work today I had to make sure that I took a proper lunch break – or at least long enough to get a sandwich or something to give to him so that he didn’t keel over or get grumpy through lack of food. I was kind of reluctant to go to the shop given the level of snow and slush outside but at the same time the canteen food is just getting worse – either through lack of choice or lack of flavour.

Snow -2

I’d ordered these Crochet Hooks from Curtzy via Amazon, and they arrived today. I got very excited and did a little dance – I think Our Sidekick still thinks I’m nuts but I guess part of it is encouraging him to accept his crazy too – unlike me when I was his age and was determined to surpress my crazy in the hope that I’d fit in a bit better – and look how happy that didn’t make me. I’ll stick with showing off my crazy and crocheting until my hands feel like they might drop off.

I finished helping Our Sidekick with his homework before I opened my crochet hooks properly. I’m beginning to think that I should do the assignments as well – Our Sidekick could hand it in and see if the teacher noticed that they’d gained an extra student in the class lol – oh and the fact that I’m 26 and a degree level student lol.

My new crochet hooks arrived. Christmas voucher well spent. Thank you @thecgbj (@cgbj)

I was crocheting away at my granny square that is part of a baby blanket for a friend and I went to remove the hook and the handle was still in my hand but the hook was still in the stitches. I messaged the company and then hunted for my superglue, after all I’d just posted a picture on Instagram about how awesome the hooks were which had also posted to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. Hopefully someone will come back to me – I don’t mind hanging onto the hooks and fixing them but I’d at least like a new 4mm hook, or if they are being generous a refund or a case for my hooks would be good. I currently have a pencil case to hold my hooks in but I tend to gain pens in them too.