twentytwo: onehundredwords #74

100 Words Challenge for Grown Ups


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The prompt for this week is
….the extreme weather meant….

The extreme weather meant that schools up and down the country have been closed in the last twenty four hours” The newsreader read.

“Yeah! I know I had the day off and still ended up doing homework” he complained. 

“But I’ll say it again – the more work you do on the assignment the better your grade and it’ll show your teacher that you mean business.” she sighed “You still had fun though – you came to work with me.”

“I know that was fun but the homework was rubbish. My teachers are mean!” 

“Think of it this way you could have homework for every lesson” 


    • Hannah says:

      Hey! Thanks for the comment. I love to watch the snow falling and then to play out in it for the first few days then when it starts to go slushy or I have to go to other places then I get fed up. Especially with the drivers who get reckless rather than being cautious.

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