1. Hannah says:

    “Opportunity cost” that sound technical- what does it mean? Then again I quoted something from Numb3rs to my boss he other day. I thought he didn’t understand and he did! We then talked about probability and the probability of winning the lottery. (It’s an epic sum and I actually want to work it out because I’m that much of a nerd lol)

    • Hannah says:

      It would be like if I bought store own label rather than branded products I save £2.50 to spend on sweets or a crochet magazine.

      Right? I think I get it lol.

      How was Australia Day?

    • Hannah says:

      I try not to have regrets – I’m sure there are always the times that you go “I should have done that differently” but rather than regret it you have to think about that you have learnt something from that experience.

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