twentysix: what i did today


The crazy weather was set to continue this weekend. The weather was warning that we were going to have rain and snow last night but instead it was a bit of rain and sleet. According to my phone we had an 100% chance of snow around midnight and it was still sleeting. Any snow that we had was gone by this morning. Even as I write this post outside it’s chucking it down so clearly it’s warmer out there – I’ve got bare feet and am not reaching for the slippers so that’s got to be a sign too! I guess unless we have another cold snap it’s going to get warmer from here onwards. (Woah I think we just had some hail!)

This morning Our Sidekick and Chris were both out doing different things and I was heading out too. I’d seen on Facebook at the end of last week that there was a new book club that had sprung up. I had got in touch with the guy who’s organising it and decided to go along – they were meeting at The Ship pub which I’d been to on Thursday for the S&B. It’s called Bedford Books Connections. The book this time was Dune by Frank Herbert. When I was growing up we had a computer game of Dune – I can’t say it was anything amazing but it introduced me to the whole story of Dune – or as I found out by starting the book this week that I actually missed chunks of the story out. We also spoke about what books to do next and we’ve decided to do Dracula by Bram Stoker next which should be interesting – I think a lot of it is linked to Whitby and The Abbey there. Part of the Book Club is to share linked material as well so maybe a film, or in my case for Dune, the game. So maybe writing about The Abbey and Whitby might be handy – although I’m not sure I’ve ever been to Whitby – I will need to ask Mum and Dad about that one (Chris – that might be a choice for a holiday some time!)

Nuntium - Found by accident. #bedford #michellecrowther

When I walk from a specific car park to the hight street in town, there’s an alleyway I often use – it’s quite gloomy and I’m never 100% sure i’m safe so I walk as fast as I can. But I got a pleasant surprise when I walked along the alleyway today  – it’s been painted a creamy white colour and there are lights up on the walls to light up the whole alley way and there’s these amazing pieces of art on the wall. I started to read it but it takes some effort especially as it’s backwards and often in other fonts. I guess if i was really clever I could try and mirror it or something to read it but that would be too clever! There’s also this plaque – clearly if the art went up in July I don’t walk through the alleyway very often any more because this was the first time I saw it. “Nuntium” is Latin for a message or annoucement. I think I might have to go and read the wall in more detail – maybe drag the boys with me too!

Nuntium by Michelle Crowther

While coming out of the alleyway, I had a chat to Chris and he was heading over to my parents house to sort out some bits so I caught the bus there, while waiting for the bus to arrive at the stop in town I popped into the Oxfam Bookshop – oh dear what a mistake to make! I ended up purchasing The Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse, This Book Will Save Your Life by A. M. Homes and another one but I can’t remember the title (it’s all the way downstairs and I’m being lazy – sorry lol!)

The Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse - Reading at the bus stop

For Christmas, Chris got the box set of the Doctor Who specials (David Tennant ones). Our Sidekick had been watching the episode when Matt Smith’s incarnation meets Richard Nixon. I had to explain who Richard Nixon was and who did The Doctor mean when he says “Say hello to David Frost” (I knew this mainly because of the film Frost/Nixon) and then who the little girl was. We decided to go back to David Tennant’s incarnation so Our Sidekick and I ran upstairs to where Chris was working knelt on the floor and said please like twenty times each then explained why.

Doctor Who - The Complete Specials - David Tennant!!!