Unexpected Trips

It’s now Wednesday evening and I’ve started this post about three times. The first time was the very small hours of Tuesday morning. Yesterday [Monday] started as normal, well other than Our Sidekick being at home as it’s half term. We went to Hobbycraft with Emma and then went to Subway for lunch. Not on plan but I made sure there was cucumber, green pepper and gherkins in there so I had some Free Food.

We got home and Jaxon was asleep in his car seat, I put a muslin over the hood so that it was nice and dark. He slept for about an hour and a half – it was quite along time in comparison to normal but I guess I hadn’t entirely noticed.

Chris took Jaxon for a change and I could hear him giggling away while Chris sorted him out. He brought Jaxon back downstairs and gave him his dinner. Jaxon kept messing about while eating but also wasn’t really eating. [Since then I’ve looked at Wonder Weeks and it could just be that he’s about to hit another leap in the next week or so].

Once he’d finished Chris took him back upstairs to change his outfit completely as his dinner was all down him. I got a shout from Chris telling me to go upstairs and quickly as it was urgent. I got upstairs and Chris told me that Jaxon’s arms had been blue but the rest of him was normal colour. When I took a look his arms were like a dusky pinky purple sort of colour. As they were returning to normal and he was acting normal I wasn’t entirely concerned but Chris wasn’t sure, especially as Jaxon’s breathing was a little on the fast side and when I listened to his heart it was racing. (All of which could have just been the excitement of Daddy being around and the urgency of the situation).

I was heading out to a holiday club meeting with my Mum, so when she arrived I asked her to take a look – well by then Jaxon was playing to the crowd – Mummy, Daddy and Grandma all there at once – HOW EXCITING!!

Mum and I went to the meeting while Chris rang 111 and waited for a call back. When I spoke to him towards the end of the meeting he’d spoken to the on call GP on the 111 service and they’d decided that we should take Jaxon in to be checked over just in case. After we dropped home H (my SIL) following the meeting, Mum dropped me off outside A&E so I could walk round to BEDOC (the out of hours doctors bit in the hospital) and also offered to take Our Sidekick back to hers if he wanted to go rather than sitting in the hospital. Our Sidekick and Chris were both there and Jaxon was there looking round at all the people and the things going on. I went back out to tell Mum that I’d found them and that thank you for the offer but Our Sidekick wanted to stay with us.

We were seen shortly after that by the on call GP. He listened to Jaxon’s heart and chest which were all normal and clear, he took a medical history including things about Jaxon’s breech birth and things like that. He then decided that we needed to see the Paediatric Doctor who would have a better idea of things that could affect babies his age.

We were referred to Riverbank Ward so packed up the buggy and walked through the hospital. The quick route was all locked up so we had to walk round the outside (okay had it been an emergency and we needed to have got there quicker would we still have had to go outside in the cold?). We arrived at the ward and they put us in Willow Bay which is part of the CAU (Children’s Assessment Unit – I guess it’s the equivalent of AAU – Acute Assessment Unit on the adult ward).

At about 11:20 I said to Chris that him and Our Sidekick should go home if we haven’t seen a doctor by midnight. The doctor arrived to see Jaxon at about 00:30. After checking him over we were admitted for the night. I think it’s the first time since he was born that I spent more time awake at night than sleeping! In the end I was running on about two and a half hours sleep.

We saw the paediatric doctor in the morning during rounds, they asked that we had some blood tests done but other than that we could be discharged. (Yes! We were both getting tetchy and claustrophobic).

The phlebotomist came to collect us and she was very lovely. I held on to Jaxon really tightly while he had his blood test. I was tired and so what normally wouldn’t have phased me was making me really upset. I was nearly in tears! Once we got back to the ward we packed up ready to go home. I went to find the doctor just to check we could go home and she said yes and that we’d get called with any results if there were concerns.

We walked home via The Fountain to collect Chris and get a drink of something other than water or very watered down squash. Everyone asked how he was and sent well wishes. Made my very tired emotional self feel very loved. I was so grateful.

The gratitude continued. When I got home I fell asleep on the sofa. When I woke up Our Sidekick was stood over me and said “I’ll take Jaxon you go to bed”. What a superhero!

When Chris got home we had pancakes which were the best ever! Had chocolate spread and banana on one, chocolate spread on its own on another and then sweetener and lemon on the last one.

As I finish this post we’re back in BEDOC. Jaxon has been throwing up since about 6:30 this evening and my heart is hurting for him. I can’t fix it. I can’t make him better. We’ve been seen by a nurse to take his sats and things like that but we’re waiting to see the doctor. He’s not keeping down water so we could end up being admitted…. The nurse thought he might have picked up a bug when we were on the ward Monday/Tuesday and so now on Wednesday he’s throwing up.


  1. Lucy Bishop says:

    Get well soon Jaxon! I feel for you, I’ve spent far too much time for my liking in Riverbank recently. It’s so horrible when they get these nasty bugs & you just want to take their pain away from them! xxx

    • Hannah says:

      Hi Lucy, We got discharged and were home in bed by 3am. We were really blessed that it was quiet on the ward last night and the Matron who was on was the same Matron who was on, on Monday night so once I explained why we were in before she remembered us (or at least remembered Jaxon lol). He’s now napping and I’m “recovering”

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