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Over on Facebook I’m part of a blogging group. On the Wednesdays of each month we have a group prompt that we’re all going to answer. This weeks’ prompt is…

Rants and Ramblings

  • I know the speed limit is sort of advisory but when you’re doing over 15mph under that you’re holding up other motorists and as my driving instructor said “If you can’t keep up with the traffic get off the road”
  • Just the same some motorists believe the speed limit doesn’t apply to them so does anything around 20 or 30mph OVER THE LIMIT!
  • General Election – Assaulting my inbox telling me how you’re better than the next guy isn’t going to make me vote for you.
  • On that note – which party has the most Christian values?
  • How is it I know more about US Politics than UK politics? Am I just not watching the right TV shows or reading the right blogs/books etc?


  1. shelbylclarke says:

    I think this is the best prompt yet. Great list, I agree slow drivers should totally get off the road! And election season sucks…especially when I registered as a non party member, I get assaulted from both sides.

    • Hannah says:

      It’s not so much get off the road as make sure they can keep with the flow of traffic – if they can’t at that point they probably need to consider getting off the road or taking public transport or something like that. I’ve had a letter today from my local MP but the return address is somewhere in Newcastle! It’s just going to get worse from now until the election. I don’t know who to vote for but I also don’t want my vote to go to waste because so many women lost their lives so that I could have the vote.

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