WARNING Soppy Post About Stickers

Stickers on a Laptop


Chris and I have been having a few rough days.

Last night it came to a head and we had it out – he very nearly slept on the sofa bed (his choice not mine! Not good I know). Anyhoo it’s in the past.

So this morning we both slept in till midday – dont ask me how I managed it – I havent slept that late since moving house (apart from when I was ill back in June and Wednesday after Tube Challenge Attempt One).

So we fall out of bed and I go off do my thing in the little living room and Chris goes and does his thing. At about 2ish I go through and start annoying Chris cos I was kinda bored, he then dragged me into the garden to run round in circles and jump up and down and use some energy lol.

I then decide that I want to go to Wilko’s and try and find some stickers – I really struggled I found a Crayola kit to make your own stickers or the stickers that you would put on the front of cards but thats not what I am looking for. 🙁 I need some stickers for a swap I’m taking part in on Swap-Bot.

Chris and I went into town and headed for Wilkos to look for stickers, I find some other craft bits that i decide I am going to get, i also looked at other bits and pieces, Chris then said about looking at the sewing bits and was there any bits i needed – the only major thing I could do with is fabric scissors. I found some that were small enough for my sewing box but big enough to do the job. I was taking a mental note of which bits were mine so that I could pay at the till – I know we are married and share the wealth etc but I’m so used to paying my way and stuff. Chris paid for all the craft bits I was buying today. How Sweet. I love him muchlie.

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