Sewing and Our Dream House

Bend The Rules Sewing

I’ve decided that I am asking Father Christmas for this here and lots of ribbons and fabric and bits and bobs like that, basically lots of sewing goodies. The challenge will be finding somewhere to store all those beautiful sewing goodies. I have my own cupboard, which is under the stairs, but there’s already two guitars in there, which are taking up most of the space. I would sort the cupboard but I would rather just keep my bits scattered over the floor. Doing sewing projects often has my stuff spread across the floor.

Chris and I keep talking about when we have a proper place of our own rather than our sort of house share. We also talk about our dream house but that’s going to a whole mile down the road! I would like a dishwasher, and if possible have the drier nearer the washing machine. Currently I have to go from the kitchen thru our little living room, take a right into the kitchen under the stairs, unlock the door while carrying the basket of washing and then move the BBQ out of the way to get to the drier – if it’s a Tuesday I don’t even attempt washing until the evening which is annoying because I can’t hang it out till the following morning). Erm have my own room where I can pin sketches of ideas to the wall, spread fabric over the floor and tables, have “my” sewing machine out permanently on the table, be able to just spread would be so nice. I could just close the door on it and hang out in the living room.

Well for the time being we just keep dreaming. The pricing of housing has gone so stupid in the UK that I heard it was cheaper to immigrate to Florida and buy a house there! I would prefer New York or Illinois I think. Chicago would be cool because it snows loads apparently. But then again after a while it would lose the novelty. The thing about Bedford is we either get no snow and the rest of the country gets loads or we get loads just like the rest of the country. The last time we had snow, I drove across town to get to a lecture – it was SO cold it was not funny especially as so many people didn’t show up for the lecture. Even one of the girls came from Luton to Bedford it’s like 30 minutes away easily.

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