We Made a Den!

A while back Me and That Boy offered to have our friend’s son round for tea. Our friend is having a rough time and we wanted to offer her a little break from the craziness and figured that having her son round for tea one day after school/work would give her that little bit of breathing space (especially now it’s the school holidays).

In the end we had our friend’s son and one of the other little boys from church round for tea as well. I went to work this morning feeling so tired that in a way I wanted to cancel having them both for tea but by lunch I was feeling a bit better and more and more got excited about them coming round.

I got in from work and That Boy had taken the boys for a walk through the woods and to the Country Park to hang out by the river. They ended up playing Pooh Sticks at the river and on the way back popped into the supermarket for me to get a cucumber to have with some tomatoes and lettuce from the garden with our pizza (we were going to have garlic bread as well but I couldn’t cook it and the pizza’s at the same time lol)

So I get in, read for about half an hour and then I get a text from That Boy telling me that they were on their way back from the supermarket. I was about to put the pizza in the oven and realised that the trays hadn’t actually been washed up since we had pizza on Tuesday (oops!) so I quickly washed them, dried them and stuck the pizzas in the oven just as The Boys and The Kiwi walked through the door.

While the pizzas were cooking, The Boys and The Kiwi started work on a den in the garden. I kept running backwards and forwards to help and join in but also check on the pizzas.

This is what the den looked like.

We ate tea around the den. The Boys took it in turns to eat either in the “porch” or the teepee bit of the den. I tried to get into the den, I managed it I got to the teepee bit and then one of the boys told me I had to leave via the emergency exit and pointed me in the direction of the door lol. We had lots of fun and when we dropped them back at our friend’s house, we explained what we had been up to and all the fun that they’d had. We’ve offered to have them again at some point.

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  1. Debbie Newnham says:

    Cool den. I remember loving to make dens when I was a kid. I used to put a huge sheet over the dining room table, then make a snake of chairs leading away from it (also covered in sheets). The shake of chairs acted as the tunnel leading into the main den :o) Great fun, also used to use the paino stool as a horse lol

    • Hannie says:

      In my room at my parents house the end of my bed was parallel to my desk and shelves so I’d borrow mums pegs and then peg blankets and duvet covers together and sit under it reading.

      Me and my brother once made one in the garden using the garden furniture and all the gardens canes we could find in the shed. My dad kinda wasn’t pleased but it kept us occupied and me and my bro didn’t argue lol.

      I love making dens but I’m kinda too old now lol. Thank goodness for little boys that we can adopt. You so know That Boy was having more fun than the two boys put together!

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  3. cardiogirl says:

    So you folks call a tent a den, eh? My kids love making those. I’ll have to suggest they do that in the backyard for a change of pace. I will admit it’s fun sitting inside of one sipping a lemonade

    • Hannie says:

      I would have called it a tent as well but the little boys kept telling me off and That Boy called it a den and that stuck lol.

      If they do it in the back garden if you have any trees that they can use that adds height and stuff 🙂 Sipping lemonade inside is great! I ate pizza and drank diet cola.

  4. Ryan says:

    Hi just found your blog today, my 2 boys had their friends around last week and we made a den in the back garden also, only problem was they didn’t want to sleep in the house that night.

    • Hannie says:

      If it hadn’t been threatening to rain and the fact that I had work the following day I would have slept out there lol.

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