Reading (Possible Spoilers)

BTW having almost finished this post I realised that there to a certain degree may be spoilers regarding The Hunger Games. Now hopefully the image below is big enough (or that the maybe spoilers are so far down the page) that this gives you chance to walk away. It’s your own fault if you read a spoiler and then wished I hadn’t said anything!


I am a really bad book worm. I read reams and reams! Then again I took this picture over a year ago and yet I’ve still not read all the titles that are in this pile. The picture was taken in May 2009, it took till November for me to read Making History by Stephen Fry. I started but didn’t finish both Labyrinth by Kate Mosse and The Host by Stephenie Meyer. Also By Any Means by Charley Boorman and Stephen Fry in America were packed away when we moved house in June and haven’t been seen since (I think I saw them when we first move in but following that I think they went AWOL). As part of 101 Things I had challenged myself to read 100 books over the 1001 days. I’m so far up to 15 whereas on the film stakes I’m nearly over half way. I spend all afternoon today watching films – maybe I need to do the same but with reading.

Anyway even will all that happening this weekend I finished the second of the books from The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. About a month or so ago my friend Catz recommended that I read it so I went to town and bought the first of the series and started reading it. Well it gripped me and wouldn’t let go and I finished it within a few days. I then left it about a week and decided that I really wanted to read book 2 so I placed an order with Amazon and waited for it to arrive then there were the hiccups where they charged and sent me two copies even though I’d actually only wanted/ordered one copy anyway I had a copy to read and on Thursday I started it. The first few chapters take a little while to get moving but then from about Chapter 5 or 6 it starts snowballing and it’s nonstop to the end – yes i read 400ish pages in about 3 days. Then again I did for like an hour nonstop last night reading and only realised how late it was when I nearly fell asleep on the sofa!

I finished it this morning and was gutted. So many questions, so little time….(Here are the maybe spoilers – turn away now if you don’t want them!)

Would Katniss get her happily ever after and would it be with Peeta or Gale?
Would she get to see her family again?
What happened to District 13?
Was Katniss and the duo from District 8 correct about the footage?
What happens to the other tributes from the Quarter Quell?
Will there be an uprising?

ARGH so may questions. I managed to do some chores and about an hour after finishing decided that I had to pre-order Book 3 and wait the 3 weeks for it to arrive then again I looked at the predicted arrive day and it’s actually more like 4 nearly 5 weeks. In which case it may have been worth paying for the faster shipping. Anyway I am now so stuffed from tea (BBQ at a friends house for a 50th Birthday) and having danced the night away (and shown off by doing headstands without a cushion I really need to go lie down and die for a little while lol. I will see you in the morning one and all.

Night night
Sleep tight
Don’t let the bed bugs bite
If they do blow them up with dynamite!

(I would like to state for the record that I am running on sugar rather than caffeine or alcohol so there! lol.)

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