Welcome to the World Little One!

I have a whole heap to write about what happened and how it happened and when it happened but for now.

Welcome to the world Blueberry!! Haha no not going to be actually called Blueberry, this little one is called Jaxon Albert Byng Johnson. He was born on Wednesday and weighed in at 9lb 14.5oz by C Section (see things to write about!!)

Jaxon Albert Byng Johnson

For now I wrote a list of things I am grateful for, I had a little meltdown last night and needed to regroup so started this list….

My Mum and Dad for being on standby since Saturday to help us out with Our Sidekick when I went into labour (and the practice attempts it seems!). My Dad for attempting to sleep at our house in one to the Poang chairs, I am pretty sure you got zero sleep that night and somehow still went to work the next day. You both came and rescued us the following night when I had a meltdown, Mum fell asleep in our bed and was out like a light, I don’t think Dad slept at all that night and again went to work the next day!! (Superstar!)

My Mum for popping into town for an item of clothing that I sort of needed to be able to come home and delivering it to the hospital too. For offering to come to sit with me this morning so Chris can go to church for a little while and take Jaxon for a quick visit too.

Our Sidekick, you were out the front playing with your friend when I got home from the hospital you dropped what you were doing to help me out of the car, when I pottered into the living room and then turned round to get the post you told me off and sent me upstairs – I think you followed me up the stairs to make sure that I made it there in one piece. You sat with me while we ate dinner so that I wasn’t alone while Chris ate dinner with Jaxon, his parents and sister.

The NHS – people do complain, I know I have and I know I did on Friday when we were waiting to be discharged but I’ll tell you something, Bedford Hospital Midwifery team were amazing this week looking after Jaxon and I. There’s the two student midwifes who were so good, if they didn’t know the answer or wasn’t 100% sure they’d go and find out the information and come back. To the anaesthetist’s assistant who walked me through how my injection was going to be done and then talked me through how to sit as it was being done. To the surgeon who brought Jaxon into the world and took the time to say hello to Jaxon. To Ruth, Laura, Liz and all the other midwifes who came to check on me, take my obs, check me over and answer questions amongst other things.

The lovely friends who have been round to see Jaxon, Chris and I, thank you for coming, thank you for your flying visits and understanding that I wanted to see you but couldn’t cope for long periods of time (being a mummy is exhausting sometimes lol). Thank you for the presents you have brought us and the offers of help if I need them. My favourite was “even if it’s just so you can take a shower I’ll come cuddle Jaxon”.

To “Auntie” Kewey thank you for sending me silly pictures when I was post-meltdown, for pictures of your celebratory tea and the Blueberry muffins eaten in celebration of Jaxon’s arrival and for the encouraging words sent via text to me. I know you had a pooey week and at some points could have probably shut the world out and just sulked but you were there and amazing even from nearly a hundred miles away!!!

(Okay, blueberry muffins might be needed……Erm, whoever visits next do you fancy going via the supermarket?)

And last but no means least……

To Chris, firstly I love you, I don’t think I’ve said it in the last few days between all the crazy that’s been happening. You’ve done a heap of stuff and I’ve probably missed some but here is the short list that I remember….. loaded the dishwasher and the washing machine, you made dinner (which we then ate nearly an hour later cos of a feeding hiccup), you’ve changed more nappies in the last four days than I have (admittedly I’ve done the feeds which don’t work so well if you try!), gotten up with Jaxon when I was so out of it I didn’t know he was even awake (bad Momma!), slept/rested your eyes in an uncomfy hospital chair on Wednesday night so that I could recover and we could both take care of Jaxon together, you walked to the supermarket at 10pm on Saturday night to get some bits after I had a meltdown, I love your enterprising nature when they didn’t have quite the product we were looking for – the alternative worked wonders and at a fraction of the price (there clearly is money in maternity products because as soon as you market something as maternity you can increase the price!!)


  1. Hannah says:

    well well you have successfully just melted me mrs J! I have no words other than I am so honoured that you have chosen to call me Jaxon’s Auntie. You gave me a wonderful gift in a week that was so difficult and just getting my daily cute fix has been medicine! Just remember that there is no “best” book to parenting. Every child is different and you do what YOU think and feel is best for you and Jaxon. You and Chris are not thick people and have got so many people wishing nothing but the best for you and your little family. Be careful what you wish for though because you might end up with a mountain of muffins hahaha. I might bring biscuits *direct link to latest text 😉 * – Not a bad reply to say I had “no words”. It’s taken me ages tk write lol. xxxxxx

    • Hannah says:

      Hello you! Of course you were going to be Auntie, it was a case of “Your mission should you choose to accept it….” We tried to get Blueberry muffins yesterday seeing how today Jaxon is a week old but they didn’t have any in the supermarket and chocolate chip muffins just wasn’t going to cut it – I think I need to get blueberries and make some gluten free ones that we can all eat.

  2. HelenSaying says:

    How lovely. How impressive that you can think straight enough to post all this. Welcome to Jaxon … he is in for one great fun loving childhood. Looks like he will be surrounded by lots of loving from all directions. Just as it should be. Take care as you recover. Prepare for one amazing parenting adventure.

    • Hannah says:

      Most of it was written while still in hospital or the first day or so at home so full on sleep deprivation hadn’t kicked in yet! I imagine once Jaxon is old enough Chris will be teaching him to climb trees and light fires and things like that. We’ve already had a discussion about whether he’ll join Cubs or equivalent.

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