Dear Blueberry – 41 Weeks

Dear Blueberry

Dear Blueberry,

So I’m starting this post after getting in from my Midwife’s appointment. Your heart was pumping away and you were still 2/5 engaged. It was a different midwife again as my “normal” one was in meetings or had a day off. I think I’m going to point this out to my “normal” midwife as there seems to be a lack of communication between my appointments when there’s different midwifes.

After the appointment I walked to meet Daddy who was waiting in the car and then we collected Our Sidekick from school. I came home and did some knitting and read various bits on Facebook including this story. I hope we make it to the hospital in time. Then again if it was that far I think Daddy would be on the phone to J to have her talk him through what to do as he’d be super calm and collected. Knowing some of the stuff he deals with on a daily basis at work and how calm he’s been when I’m having a crisis in the last few weeks he’s been remarkably calm and held it together while I’m freaking out!

The midwife counted the dates differently to the others but actually having looked at my notes it’s possible the app on my phone is counting differently and so I’ve been counting differently by mistake – oops!

The last few days have been quite exhausting and stressing me out, I keep trying to be calm but it’s hard work lol. I’m hoping you arrive soon,

I walked to Grandma’s house yesterday to try and encourage you along a bit. While I was saying goodbye to Grandma, one of her neighbours walked past and asked when I was due, I popped into the shop to get a milkshake (and some other goodies) and was asked by a random stranger in the shop when was I due, I said that I was a week overdue and he said “Don’t worry baby will be here soon” – it was a little random but it was a nice thought and I’m sure his heart was in the right place.

I’m now at home and sat writing this post, Our Sidekick and Daddy are chatting about all sorts of things, some bits are a bit serious but we’re in our little bubble listening to Layla by Eric Clapton and before I was singing Hotel California by The Eagles. Grandpa, you and me can listen to them loud when you get here, Grandpa and I used to put Hotel California on in the car – it was on a cassette and we’d get to the end of the song, flip over the tape and fast forward it so that it could be flipped over again and start again.

I think Daddy wants his computer back so I better go find something else to do – I think he’s encouraging me to go for a walk to the supermarket later to see if we can encourage you along with some more walking – it seems to Grandma’s and back isn’t far enough.

But Dear Blueberry, Auntie Kewey keeps joking that you don’t want to come out into the world because I’m so full of love, but we’d really like to meet you now – like really really really really like to meet you.

I hope we see you soon.

Love Mummy


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