WIPs Wednesday

WIPs Wednesday

On and off since the temperature cooled a bit, I’ve been crocheting and knitting my fingers off. I bought some wool in a closing down sale and decided to knit a project¬†instead of my usual crochet job.

Secret Project

Last week, once Mum had helped me with the above project (it’s a secret one so I can’t show you any more than that!), I managed to get it finished up – it just needs wrapping and then hiding away until I can deliver to the recipient. While nursing a cold last week, I spent the day knitting and finishing¬†up another project. There’s a story behind it too.

Back at the beginning of October, I went to the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace with Kathy, Mum and Kathy’s Daughter.

While we were there, Jaxon was hanging out with Chris at home. They discovered Bing and Jaxon loved it. Chris happened to be looking on the internet and found a knitting pattern for Flop (Bing’s Carer). I had some bits to finish up but then started working on Bing.



One finished Flop – the ears, arms and feet were a bit fiddly and I miscounted my rows on Flop’s foot so I ended up with a slightly longer foot! Oops! If you’d like to start one for yourself, You can find the pattern here.


I’ve already started to think about what’s next. I wanted to try Mitred Squares. They are a bit of challenge it seems but I get to learn how to use stitch markers now. The stitch markers that I have in my stash of knitting and crochet goodies are from PollyOrange. I can’t find the direct product to link to them as I think they are a couple of years old now.

So these are my WIPs, I’m hoping to keep a sort of update each week of where I am. This will be easier to do when I’m not working on presents for other people!


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