Wishlist: A Tote Bag

My Wishlist

I love handbags. I used to be worse than I am now – I recently donated like 5 handbags to the local charity shop. Occasionally I get really specific about what I’d like. Currently I’m thinking about a tote bag, I’m looking for one to put my work stuff in when I’m not working rather than my things breeding along the sofa.

Paperhouse Lux Tote

This tote is by Oscar Francis, they are a prints and textiles company based in London. They are going to be part of a pop up shop called Katalog at Craft Central in Clerkenwell at the end of June. I’m tempted to try and get the train down to take a look round but it’s a bit far to go if that’s all I do.

Superhero Handbag - Wonder Woman

This tote is by a UK based company called Spotty Lottie. She also does one that has Supergirl fabric instead of the Wonder Woman fabric. Very geeky but very cool!

Coastal Cottages

This tote is by Jessica Hogarth – I found this one on Etsy. How cute are the little cottages – they remind me of the little seaside villages in Cornwall but it also remind me of the Lilliput Lane houses that my Mum collects.

Also love this one by Hokolo – then again for all these it could be a massive dent on my wallet….

Blueberry Tote Bag by Hokolo

Do you have any favourites? Do you have a wishlist on your blog?

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