Year 1

So today is mine and Chris’s First Wedding Anniversary.

I can’t believe that a year today I was watching Flubber because we were running ahead of schedule (I have an organised Mum who wrote a plan for the wedding day). If Kirsty had had her way she’d have gone shopping.

The weather looks more promising for today than it did a year ago. Last year it stay dry but cloudy until we sat down for the meal after the ceremony. It then tipped it down – there was however a Rainbow which came back to what Dave P had spoken about in the message bit of the ceremony (Chris didn’t want the whole stereotypical bible readings about Love etc).

It’s all go now. On Saturday Bex got married, on the 31st my Auntie is getting remarried and today me Chris Mum and Dad are off to look at flats (Taking them both because Dad will do practical and Mum will do arty ness stuff!)

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