Yorkshire Dales: Day Four

Yorkshire Dales: Summer 2015

Last week we were on holiday in the Yorkshire Dales. There was signal but it was minimal and patchy so when it come to blogging it was a bit impossible. I made notes so I could share of our adventures once we were back.

Day Four (Thursday)
A while back I asked Chris about climbing Snowdon this Summer, I think my brain must have been separated from my body or something like that because it’s nuts and so not me

Chris had picked up a map earlier in the week that had walks around the local area, mostly using footpaths and bridlepaths. He came up with a slightly crazy plan that included climbing to the top of Drumaldrace.

We headed out of the campsite and headed along the road. Chris worked out that we then had to cross the road and then find the footpath. The slightly confusing thing was that the footpath ran through someone’s garden and you then crossed into the field behind the house via a gate in the bottom of the garden – so random!

On this first field, we were following Chris who hadn’t noticed he’s just stomped through a puddle until we followed him and I yelped that I had muddy water filling my shoe! Yuck! Chris decided it would probably be better if we took a different route so we made our way back round the muddy bit and back into the person’s garden.

We got back on the road and walked a bit further. At that point it was all on the same level so you really couldn’t see where you’d got to.

I ended up being navigator so each fence we crossed I’d be checking which way we needed to go across the field. In this next picture, our campsite is virtually right in the picture – if you look at the people, then there’s a barn just above their heads and then a house a bit further above. That’s our campsite. I was stood up the hill from the couple in front of us. They were really lovely and each time we overtook them or they overtook us we’d say hello and have a bit more of a conversation. At one point they were so far in front of us that we couldn’t catch them. Our Sidekick was impressed at how quick they were going given how slow we were going!

I didn’t manage to snap many pictures given how little battery I had remaining. I wanted to save my battery firstly to snap a picture at the top but Chris said a sensible thing which was to make sure I had enough battery to try and call out if we needed to in an emergency – he is a clever sausage isn’t he? I managed to snap this picture, we were almost at the top and I was shattered but also excited to be able to be at the top of what is classed as a mountain! (EEK!)

The only picture I did manage to snap at the top involved Our Sidekick (and because of foster care stuff I can’t really post the pic – I did think about cutting him out and then posting it but that seemed really mean). All the way up and most of the way down we’d been going on about how we needed chocolate cake! Like NEED URGENTLY! We headed back to the tent so we could each grab a shower before heading out for dinner. We went through Hawes and had a look at the pubs to see if one would be good for dinner but they all ended up being kind of pricey (like £10+ for a Main Course). In the end we tried the local YHA in case they had non-residents for dinner but they didn’t even answer their reception door for me to ask the question – I did get a response via Twitter but it was like two days later!

In the end, while Chris drove us to Kendal, I was on the phones ordering Clubcard vouchers to pay for our pizzas at Pizza Express. I gobbled my whole pizza down without needed to take a breather which is unusual as I usually stall in the middle or towards the end and that didn’t happen. I stuck with my usual margarita pizza – I am so boring. I would have Quattro Formaggi but they don’t do one. I knew Jaxon was a bit rosy but in these pictures he looks *really* rosy! Although we put sun cream on him we didn’t do it prompt enough and he ended up a little pink. We got after sun on our way home and lathered it on his face. (Note to Mummy and Daddy – cake the baby in sun cream regularly!)