Yorkshire Dales: Day Three

Last week we were on holiday in the Yorkshire Dales. There was signal but it was minimal and patchy so when it come to blogging it was a bit impossible. I made notes so I could share of our adventures once we were back.

Yorkshire Dales: Summer 2015

Day Three (Wednesday)
On Wednesday we headed for Aysgarth Falls. Our Sidekick and I kept saying it wrong so between us became Asgard Falls which regularly made us fall about laughing.

Aysgarth fall is a set of three waterfalls over about a mile stretch. It’s part of the River Ure. The rain that had fallen in the days before we were there meant that the falls were in full swing – Chris commented how when he’d been in the past it had been really dry and it was the middle of summer so the falls were a bit rubbish.

We started with the Lower falls and then worked our way back up to the top. It was good we did them this way round other wise I think we would have been disappointed when we’d made it down to the bottom.

When we got to the top, the boys all had fun paddling in the river. I held Jaxon so he could try and paddle but he wasn’t so sure – I guess the water was a little cold for his tastes.

Babywearing came in so handy during our yorkshire dales holiday

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