You see David does do work at uni!!!!

My cousin David who is about 4ish weeks younger than me is at the University of Hertfordshire doing a course in 3D Animation. And you see I already knew he did lots of work at university – in the past he has been known to come home at Christmas in his slippers because he didn’t have the energy to change into his shoes – I feel sorry for his girlfriend sometimes! (She is lovely – she wants to be a teacher one day and might be coming to study in Bedford – I doubt they will but if they did split I hope that we will still be friends because she’s really cool – We chat about Shakespeare and I don’t feel like a geek because she gets as excited as I do!) Anyhoo here is one of his videos.

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  1. God's Rock Angel says:

    No it’s not his girlfriend. I’m not sure who it is – I signed into MSN to see if he was online so I could ask him but he’s not there I think he’s working

  2. David says:

    the girl in the video is a friend of mine called Maggie he is a fellow animator. for further progress on this film check out our production blog at

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