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So me and Kewey wanted some way to keep in touch between us that could be a conversation as sorts, didn’t cost lots of money as we would chat for Britian and that would give us arthiritus from writing too much. So we came up with Our Blog. I will possibly put a link but I need to check with Kewey first.

Yesterday I was having a bit of a pants day and this was the post I wrote to Kewey. (p.s. Today I am much more happier – I think I was tired and not handling little things so well)


I almost need you here to tell me that I don’t suck and put the smile back on my face. I want the uni days back, when I had no job I couldn’t handle it because the four walls were driving me nuts and now I have a job and it’s draining every spare moment of time out of my life – ok not quite every spare moment as I leave at 5 and I’m home by 6 so I still have my evenings but this last week I have got home and Chris has then been in meetings or been essay writing. Thursday I went to Mum’s after work – she’s been feeling really tired and on Thursday had gone down with a cough thing (she’s only got to breathe slightly too heavy and it makes her cough up her lungs at this rate there will be no lungs left in the woman!) Anyhoo so I go on Thursday to see her end up staying for tea so that she didn’t have to cook etc (the only cooking that it took was phoning the Chinese for a takeaway).

Chris then had Rock Solid on Friday so I spent that on my own in No90 as it was my evening off (I do every other week). Chris then packed the car and dashed off to the Youth Sleepover thing at St Johns (Can’t really complain I had the bed to myself!!!! WAHHOOOOO more room lol but actually it was really cold – the heating in our room sucks and the fan heater blows! It’s so noisy you have turn it off to sleep and so the temperature drops shortly after – No good for insominacs they’d have icebergs hanging from their noses!).

This morning there was banging and crashing around in the house and I woke up (Chris has gone to get me a tissue because my nose is running and I have been crying and there’s a really cold draught running across my fingers!) thought aah thats ok probably just someone here to use the photocopier etc something like that. Then there was footsteps heading for the door – so I’m like who on earth is that – start panicing as I am the only person in the house other than this person outside the door (like how am i going to defend myself?!?! Throw Chris’s cheesey socks at them and hope it gases them????). The door swings open – It was Chris!!!!!! Says about how he brought the car back and I could have it but I needed to take him back to St Johns and it needed to be before 10am (Baring in mind I have just woken up at 9:25am, got the fright of my life thinking I may be attacked by and intruder and Chris wants me to be dressed and ready to drive him in less than half an hour!!!!!!)

So I get up and get dressed – I look in the mirror and I look as white as a sheet. (If I make no sense it is because Chris is chatting at me and I am trying to be a woman and multi-task!)

I rush round and get my bits sorted for the day and I was expecting to kind of daudle around and get myself sorted before lunch not before 10am! So I get sorted and take Chris to St Johns. I head for the car park that is over Iceland and near the bus station. I decide not to park there and head for Lurke Street car park (near Lidl) as it’s about 20p cheaper – and I would like to save all I can until pay day.

So I park there and do some quick bits in town – after that I head for Mum and Dad’s I had an angel costume to make (and it wasn’t for me!). It was easier said than done – with all the dashing around I hadn’t got to measure Chris and so had to draw round Richard (he’d been at work and stunk to heaven!) so I draw Rich who as a joke pretends to kick me – except actually really does kick me (He was laying on the floor and I was lent over his legs drawing round him to get the rough size for the angel – theoretically Rich is bulkier than Chris and so if it fitted Rich it should fit Chris – easily!)

So I hung out at Mum and Dads – that was the good bit of my evening – me and Mum had had a Bones fest and watched most of season 2 (i think!) with bits of Casualty, Strictly Come Dancing and Robin Hood in the middle. At the end of the Dancing they are getting more and more sillier about how their introduce what is next – last week Len (the judge) got hit with a prank arrow (you know the ones with the bend in to put round your head). This week they played the flying arrow noise six times and “killed” off the male dancers! lol There was a close shot on Bruce and Tess while they played the noises then the camera shot went to a wider one and the guys were all laying on the floor. Me and mum had to rewind it on the Sky plus because we missed what had happened the first time round!!!!

So then it got to 10 to 10 (Chris keeps looking over to see what I am typing about and now had rolled over in a slight strop). Chris had asked me to pick him up between 9 and 10 but hadn’t told me exactly so I sent him two text messages to find out what time he wanted me to get him – this is where the ‘Enders stylee drums come in because although I would like to finish posting Chris is about to doze off so I will write more possibly/hopefully tomorrow – Do you still want to come Christmas shopping? If yes let me know and I will tidy the living room so you have somewhere to sleep!!!!!!!! I can’t do next weekend but I am free the following if you want to go then – any closer to Christmas and it’s just gonna be mad. Smithey over and out!

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