068: I Love Lists Thursday

It’s one of those days I think. I had my first awkward annoying call at about 9:13am – I’m hoping it’s not a sign of things to come.

This morning Chris gave me a hug. But I was still partially asleep so when I felt someone leaning over me I jumped awake again – that’s like 3 days in a row he’s done it – you would think that I’d get the hang of it and not jump a mile each morning!

Chris gave me a lift to work today so that he could take the car to collect all the kit for The Fountain @ Costa – it’s like the 4th to last before they move to the new building – it will be so exciting! I’m literally living and breathing it hence all the blogging about it! I helped paint on Monday and as you can tell by my shoes – I am a mucky pup when it comes to painting. I had white spots up my arms, bits in my hair (which was newly dyed!), absolutely killed my old jeans (which is fine because they aren’t really that good for anything more than painting clothes) and my pink T-shirt that I bought in Turkey (I don’t wear it anymore and figured it would work for now).

Speckled and scuffed shoes

The Swishing Party is this weekend and it suddenly occurred to me last night how I hadn’t done a bunch of stuff that I had meant to do – not good! So at some point before Saturday I’m going shopping for two clothing rails – hopefully makes the clothes a bit more presentable.

So my day didn’t get any better. It kept getting worse – thankfully I had a trip planned with Mum after work so I could look forward to that even though it was going to take all day to get there!

Anyway the list for this week is inspired by Becca. Her post was actually written about a week ago but I caught it a few days ago when clearing our my RSS reader and catching up.

Lists Journal

What films do I think everyone should see at least once……

I thought I had more ideas than this – what do you suggest? What have I missed?

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  1. Becca s says:

    Thanks honey.
    I really wish I could be there on Saturday. I’ll be thinking of you all and I hope you get some fab clothes!

    I’ve never seen either of these films – will have to add them to the list!

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