DAY 15: DVDs, Twilight and Cars

So much for posting everyday I think I am losing the plot lol.

Today was house group and I was leading. We have got to the end of James now as I led Chapter 5 today. I have the feeling that I could have been better prepared and stuff like that. CJ came and picked me up from connect group as he was working on his dissertation this evening. He parked in the car park next to our friend’s house and while he was waiting he went to put the car in gear and the clutch cable went. While we waited for my Dad to come and save the day (he decided that he was Scott Tracy out of Thunderbirds lol) we sat and watched the news in our friend’s living room. The main stories were about the Hillsborough Disaster memorial today and the official enquiry that has been opened regarding the rioting at the G20 meetings.

Having been to the cinema twice in one week I could have given up one of them trips to be more organised. (I went to see 17 Again on Monday and then went to see The Boat That Rocked yesterday – see this post)My brother has lent me Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. I love the “operatic” music that is used over the opening bit it’s really cool.

Today was an okay day at work. It was calmer but there were some tense moments as you’d expect. In total when I counted up at the end of the day I despatched 55 orders in total today – some where processed yesterday but most of them were today. I was gobsmacked – it certainly explained the slightly brain dead-ness that I felt after work!

I found some new blogs today but I’m going to read them a bit more before I post links – in case it turns out that I don’t like them or something. At lunchtime I finished reading Twilight Series: Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer. I am tempted to buy Breaking Dawn but I want to wait for the paperback edition (or be able to find it in my local bookshops rather than over the internet) I also might get The Host which is her new book (but not part of the Twilight series). However as much as I like fantasy books I think I need to get my head out of the clouds for a bit and read some more lifelike books or something.

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  1. Kat Argonza | Tough Girl 101 says:

    I use twilight as my little escape! I have the opposite problem of you, I think my imagination is absolutely just dying.

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