DAY 14: Road Trip and Cinema

Today at work was a real challenge as there was a lot of tension happening in the office. It was really busy as it was the first day back after a four day weekend. I love the time off but it was really hard going back – it didn’t seem like it was right. The weekend is just long enough to have down time and then gear up for another week but 4 days is just a tiny bit too long and then you feel like you need more time off.

All afternoon I really felt like I just needed to get away and not think about work and stuff like that. I texted JD to see if she’d like to go to the cinema, we couldn’t really decide on what we wanted to see so we decided to go to the cinema and then when we got there have a look and see whats on. We got there and there were a couple of options. I particularly wanted to see The Boat that Rocked, Race to Witch Mountain or Monsters Vs Aliens. Jeccy told me that Monsters Vs Aliens wasn’t that good so in the end we watched The Boat that Rocked. It was so good! I’d heard from some friends that it wasn’t as good as Richard Curtis’s other films. I really liked it – I especially liked the choices of music for the soundtrack – I think we kept annoying the people around us because we kept singing along! On the way out of the cinema we sang along to Stay With Me (Baby) by Duffy which again I think really annoyed people – we did burst into a fit of giggles though so we saved everyone from the singing!


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