DAY 16: Vertigo and Bass

Having walked to work this morning I listened to lots of music on my way to work. I had a high speed look on the internet for the bass tab for Vertigo by U2. This bass riff and the one for By The Way by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers are two of my favourites (and next week I will have been playing the bass for a year).

At the beginning of band practice I was messing around while tuning my guitar and started trying to play the bass line to Vertigo – I can’t play it at speed but it’s kinda recognisable as a slowed down version of what it should be!

Because the car died I had to wait around to grab a lift home. Unfortunately I couldn’t get out the car because the door had a child lock on it! I didn’t mind but as it was raining I couldn’t really reach out the window and open the door myself. One of the guys who was also getting a lift home jumped out the car for me and opened the door.

I got home and CJ was still at the pub with the Twenties Group from Cotton End – even though we don’t go there we’ve kinda been adopted as extra members of the Twenties Group. I sat around watching TV over the internet for a little while. I wrote some more blogs posts (attempted to write a post every day is all well and good but it’s helpful to already be up to date! When CJ got home he was still up to the eyeballs with dissertation – he keeps saying he’s nearly finished so really hopefully he’s nearly there it’s kinda driving me up the wall lol.

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  1. Evan says:

    Quite a few years ago, my mom’s old car’s battery ran down. So we practically had to walk everywhere.
    *By everywhere I mean to my grandmother’s house for a ride to Wal-Mart, or the library, once, with my younger cousin.*

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