Things I’m Grateful For – Generosity

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Each Friday I join with Ashley from Hello Nature and Laura from Ginger + Co to share the things I’m grateful for this week.

Actually this week I have one specific thing that I am grateful for.


Generosity isn’t just about money. You say generosity and lots of people think about being generous with your finances. 

When we were “poor” students, we were blessed by people from church by being adopted for Sunday lunch or something like that. 

Yesterday afternoon Chris rang me. He was running a trip today for some guys he works with and his minibus driver had dropped out. He’d rang round a few people we know who have experience driving minibuses. Had it been next week or last week we could have tried my Dad but he’s been away on holiday this week. So onto the next idea: Chris can’t drive the bus because of various rules so that means without a driver he would have to cancel the trip. The last time I drove a minibus was four years ago when we had a group trip to Cambridge. Our Sidekick came with us and had a lovely time. I think that was our first day trip away from Bedford with him. Little did we know what was coming in those next six weeks. 

Anyway, we chatted through the rules on my license and could I drive the minibus. As it happened I could, Jaxon and I were due to go on the trip anyway so it wasn’t like Chris had to find a space for him. 

On a number of occasions today we’ve been blessed with different things whether it was a handful of baby wipes so we could change Jaxon’s nappy (there was a packet in the car that we both forgot to pick up) to a yoghurt, dairylea dunker and some there bits at lunchtime for Jaxon.

But also I hope we blessed those we were with. Chris had Jaxon and I took one of the little girls on a big slide. The first time she went down on my knee and the second time she went down by herself leaving me at the top. Another Mum suggested that we sat on a coat or jumper. So I took off my scarf and sat on that. I flew down the slide – I wanted another go but technically I’m 30cm too tall for the slide. 

This evening I then went for a pizza and movie night with some girlies from church and just had such a good time. I very nearly cancelled because I was too tired but decided to go anyway. The hosts were so welcoming. We even had ice creams for pudding (Pink Raspberry Magnums oh my life they were yummy!) 

But it’s not just us being blessed by those around us. Downstairs I have a plastic carrier bag with five carriers from different families who have donated them for us to send onto to Carriers for Kos. I was also so proud of those Germans who stood at the stations and welcomed refugees like old friends. The world is full of so much hate and so many bad things right now that to see those people taking time out of their day to organise food or drinks or just to stand on the platform and cheer made my heart sing. Thank you lovelies wherever you are. 

I might be back to edit this one. It’s taken me nearly an hour because the WordPress app on my phone  is so laggy. 

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