Slimming World Sunday #8

Slimming World Sunday

Hey there! It’s Sunday which means it’s Slimming World Sunday. Stephanie from Raising Emily and myself “resurrected” the idea and we’d love it if you could leave your link below.

If you’d like to join in the button and code is at the bottom along with the rules for the Link Up. For now here’s my post:

This week I’ve been feeling a bit better. I’ve been ill with various things over the last 3-4 weeks and I’m finally feeling properly better. I’m hoping it’ll mean that I can get back on track properly. This week involved two meals “out” so on those days I knew it was going to be bad. At one of the meals I tried to have a lot of salad before my meal arrived so that I’d had a bunch of Superfree/Free to start with, I still managed to polish off my whole meal and have a third of ice cream sundae. Probably wasn’t the wisest of choices but I don’t see that particular group of friends very often any more so it’s lovely to have a good ol’ catch up.

Wednesday I took Jaxon swimming again. (That meant I had two swimming trips between a weigh in), when I take him I don’t do as much swimming as I would normally do but it’s still body magic that I wouldn’t be doing sat in front of the TV.

I stood on the scales with a half a pound loss so that was at least last week’s half a pound gain gone. Now to keep going for target. I’m feeling more positive as well which I think it probably tied to feeling better body wise too if that makes sense!

Friday was a hard day food wise because we were at Paradise Wildlife Park and then I was out for dinner with another group of friends. We were so busy making sure we had everything for Jaxon and that all the guys coming on the trip were organised that lunch for me wasn’t a priority – we’d just sort it when we got there. I ended up having an egg and cress sandwich from the restaurant. It had very little mayo in it and so was probably better than a supermarket sandwich that would have been swimming in the stuff.

Dinner was going to be another bad meal but I knew that was the case so tried not to snack and if I was going to snack then it would be good stuff rather than bad stuff. I also got Chris to drop me off on his way to the garage yesterday morning so that I could go for a walk. I started at the supermarket near Clapham and then worked my way back towards town with Jaxon in the buggy. I did some quite errands in town but then Chris caught up with us so I walked to meet him. It was good to get out and do something.

Hopefully this week will work out in my favour. I’m unofficially given up diet soda this time. I’m going to drink it when I’m out for a meal for example (it’s often cheaper than fruit juice etc) or if someone purchases for me in advance (like when I house sit for my brother). But the rest of the time I’m going to try and stick to water and squash. I’ve got some flavoured water for now that I’m drinking.

If you regularly join in with the link up I’m sorry it’s running late – I’ve opened the sign up window for a week instead of the normal couple of days in case that helps more people to join in.

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  1. Mandy Walsh (@RTR_Blog) says:

    Well done on losing that half a pound gain from last week! I am dancing with the idea of giving up diet drinks, but worried I will miss the fizz, it feels like a treat #swsunday

  2. Steph says:

    I totall agree, it’s weird how your mood and your body can affect how your weight loss is! I know if I’m ill or tired then I’ll have a gain. Well done! 😀 x

  3. hijackedbytwins says:

    Well done for loosing the half pound! It all counts. I have just gone back onto SW and have bought a load of diet sodas as these are going to replace a glass of wine in the evening 🙂 looking forward to seeing how you get on x

    • Hannah says:

      Hey! Thanks for the comment. I was determined to give up diet soda this week and it’s really not happened. But it’s fine. Will draw a line and probably cut down instead of cut out completely at least for now!

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