276: Review – September

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Flash and Bones by Kathy Reichs (started in August finished in September)


The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Did You Hear About The Morgans?
Hope Springs


Babel by Mumford and Sons
Our Version of Events by Emeli Sande.

The Month in Bullets


  • My brother and his best friend did a sponsored 24-hour gaming marathon in aid of The Fountain. I stayed up until 2 am with them then curled up to sleep on my mum’s sofa. I then got up again at 8 am and they were shattered. Apparently, once we left my brother crashed out to sleep. I think it was out most of the day. I came home and slept from 9:30ish to 1 pm. Clearly, I needed it whether I knew I did or not!
  • Our Sidekick started Upper School. We had a bit of trauma about the uniform as the company who the school tells everyone to buy their uniform from had trouble with one of their suppliers and so I spent time going between the supplier and the school to try and find out what we were supposed to do about Our Sidekick not having all his uniform. Clearly, it’s not our fault but at the same time you do feels it’s your fault a bit.
  • Thankfully it was partially solved so that Our Sidekick could start school at least. The school had had a bunch of other calls from parents in the same position as us. They decided that nothing could be done about it and so they’d circulate a list of names round the Head of Year and Form Tutors explaining why certain students weren’t in full school uniform (This formed most of the conversation on the way to school on the first day!)
  • Our Sidekick seemed to struggle to settle for the first couple of days and then after Day Two he came home and declared that he had to do his homework so that he could get good GCSEs. Indeed!
  • Chris and I have continued our journey to become approved carers for Our Sidekick. We how our “Friends and Family Training” about halfway through September. However, Panel was postponed to October as there weren’t enough slots this month
  • First Incarnation service at church – was good fun eventually – also got to hang out with the group from OM which was good fun, especially comparing differences between the UK, South Korea, America, and Switzerland. Also talking about how welcoming and lovely Mummy Steph is.


  • Clearly, I needed the sleep as I managed to clean the living room and kitchen when I got up and managed to clear the stairs of most of my stuff and organise the boy’s stuff into their own steps. It looks a whole bunch better already. I made a trip to the charity clothes bin and to the dump all in one week.


  • My first ParkRun of September (and third overall) was a disaster. I was there in time to stretch which I did but something I did or didn’t do made my shins really really hurt. I managed to do one lap of the park then decided to call it quits and head home.


  • The Word Bookshop here in Bedford celebrated their first birthday – why am I telling you this? Because it’s ran by a lovely lady from my church and everyone gets a lovely warm welcome when they walk through the door. (And I just noticed that a bunch of the photos on the website were ones that I took!)


  • I “stepped out the boat”. It’s become a bit of a phrase that when you step out in faith, you’re stepping out the boat. It took Peter a whole bunch of faith to step out of the boat and walk to Jesus. Well back in the middle of September, I stepped out the boat. I asked someone if they’d like me to prayer for them. I just pray and hope that it makes some kind of difference.

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