279: Fill In The Blanks Friday

Joining with Lauren from The Little Things We Do

1.  The last thing I ate was my breakfast. I had a sausage sandwich – I know it’s not good for me but I only have it on a Friday and even then it’s not every Friday. I try and be good but sometimes I fail.

2.  The last time I went to the beach was in July when we went to the beach at Barri Island in Wales. It was too cold for a paddle – I had a quick paddle but it was making my feet hurt. I have a rule that I have to paddle in the sea at least once when we go to the seaside (apart from the time we went to Felixstowe in October it was far too cold to be on the seafront let alone near the sea lol).

3.  My last vacation was   this summer. We went to Bristol with Our Sidekick it was our first holiday as a family. It was good fun although there were a couple of rocky moments where I think we were just driving each other slightly mad as we were in each other’s personal space a lot of the time.

4. The last place I drove was    to The Fountain to meet Chris for lunch, haven’t really seen him this week and we need to chat over some stuff before a huge explosion takes out half of Bedford!

5. The last song I listened to was erm I don’t know! We have the radio on at work, I have the radio on in the car and there’s the stereo playing music in The Fountain so it could be any song. The two albums I’ve been playing lots are Babel by Mumford and Sons and Our Version of Events by Emeli Sande.

6. The last thing I watched on TV was it was either Sing While You Work – it’s the latest Gareth Malone choir adventure (when is he going to come to Bedford? Then again I think statistically we have a lot of choirs it’s just I can never go to them and some charge to join what’s with that!) or Grand Designs Australia – me and Chris regularly discus what our dream house would be like. I think when he decides that we are going to build the house I am going to go and emigrate somewhere and then come back when it’s done because we’d just annoy each other because I’d be there wanting to learn how to do things (I learnt to tile bathrooms and replace double glazing windows because of my Grandad, then again him and his builder friend taught my Mum how to lay bricks.

7.  The last time I said “I love you” was probably to Chris earlier this week which is really bad. I told Tori my cousin that I love her. She’s been at university almost a week and I think as exciting as it is she’s missing home a little bit. I might have to organise a petrol pot so that if it’s really bad I can pack up one Friday and drive after work to her university and see her then come back Sunday in time for work on Monday or in time for contact time if needed.


  1. Jessica says:

    Happy Weekend!! I am visiting from the link up. It’s okay to not say I love you all the time but just make sure you do it sort of often. I love your blog and I am going to follow it.

    • Hannah says:

      Hey Jessica! Thank you for stopping by and commenting! Yeah I’m with that – make sure it’s often enough so the person knows but not all the time so that it sounds like it’s overkill lol.

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